Shipping Agency

Having initially established our company as a full-time shipping agency, we have been focusing in our work basically on guarding the goals and interests of our customers – ships’ owners and charterers. We have always represented a diligent, earnest and беспристрастно approach, acting in conformity with international shipping business practice and current legislation.

We are solving proficiently and Оперативно in order to perform carefully the common duties of the shipping agents, such as:

  • vessels’ accommodation at the sea port of Taganrog arriving for loading/discharging or other operations
  • meeting all port’s formal requirements, documentation processing;
  • securing timely and complete informational support for the ships’ owners and charterers; providing full information on port’s rules and laws, port dues tariffs as well as any other port’s related info and documents;
  • loading/discharging operations supervision;
  • customs’ procedures;
  • covering all mandatory port’s dues and other ship’s related expenses;
  • arranging berth, tugs, pilotage, icebreaker’s assistance;
  • ships’ transit in the Kerch strait in the main channel (under Ukrainian side) and in the fairway 50-52 (more cost effective transit under Russian side for the vessels with permissible draft under 3,5 m)
  • repairing and maintenance works
  • supplying vessels with various type of provision including marine gas oil, fresh water, food-stuff, service utility and other supplies;
  • arranging medical care for crew members, assistance in repatriation and crew change.
  • In our shipping agency services performance we carefully follow ship’s owners, vessels’ masters, charterers and their agents’ instructions.

    We are precise, competent and accurate in all our financial relations, taking timely steps in order to minimize our customers’ expenses. Our agency fee tariffs are quite compepitive and appropriate to the scope of the works carried out.

    We would require from your side the following ships’ details in order to calculate for you our disbursement account pro forma:

  • v    ship’s type (tanker, dry cargo, RO-RO)
  • v    Gross Register Tonnage
  • v    main dimensions (length, breadth, depth moulded) as identified in the Ship’s International Tonnage Certificate
  • v    ship’s draft
  • v    purpose of calling at the port
  • We will be glad to cooperate with you.
    Telephone/fax: +7-8634-317535 (6 lines), 317749,