Dear Sirs,
We hereby would like to bring to your kind attention information on “Dorado” Shipping Agency.

Our company, founded in 2001, is offering complete port’s agency, ship’s husbandry and freight-forwarding services at the port of Taganrog. We represent and guard interests of ships’ and cargo owners, charterers and their servants, applying our vast experience and proficiency in order to provide best services and support to our customers. Our staff is a group of high qualified and motivated specialists who have established good business relations with port’s authorities and other local companies and institutions; prompt, efficient and competent in fulfilling our obligations related to our customers’ ships and goods.

Our complete shipping agency services include but are not limited to a wide range of customary port’s agents obligations, such as:

  • meeting formal requirements for all home-trade and outbound vessels arriving to and sailing from Taganrog sea port;
  • arranging ships staying at port's berths for loading and/or discharging or for other vessels’ purposes;
  • accomplishing ships' supply and maintenance orders, fresh water, marine gas oil and provision delivery;
  • providing our customers with full informational support.
  • For many years of freight-forwarding activities we have gained experience of careful and scrupulous handling quite a variety of export-import bulk and packaged goods, including delicate and specific items, arrange loading-discharging operations by means of different stevedoring companies’ facilities and cargo storage. We provide also support for cargo customs’ procedures – export and import cargo clearance, confirming paper works and cargo documents execution, additional works for packages perfection and repairing.

    Our personnel is there for you available to contact 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for efficient and immediate solutions of your needs and problems. We posses detailed information on all the procedures with the ships and goods under our guidance. Our experience and professional knowledge will serve your smooth and efficient business

    The name of our company “Dorado” means the constellation of the golden fish which shines in the Southern skies and our main goal thus remains to make our collaboration with the customers as easy, desirable and agreeable as travelling under the starlight in the warm southern seas.

    With best regards and hopes for cooperation,
    General Manager of “Dorado” SA
    Natalia Bashkatova